Alternative Risk Financing

Control Your Insurance Costs with Captives or Alternative Risk options

For larger businesses, there are many ways to manage risk other than traditional insurance. Captives, or Alternative Risk Financing, can provide flexible solutions to better meet the risk management needs of some organizations.

InLight’s alternative risk practice offers consultative services to help you determine if blending your commercial insurance program with self-insurance through the benefits of a captive would improve your overall corporate risk management program. Types of structures that could be evaluated are:

  • Single Parent Captive
  • Group Captive
  • Small-to-large Captives
  • Association Captive
  • Risk Retention Group
  • Rent-a-Captive
  • Self-Insured Retentions or Self-insurance

InLight is in a unique position to provide a comprehensive solution to your organization through captive solutions. 

To learn more about how alternative risk solutions could help your company, contact Mike Spaan at 405-443-2012 or